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Quote helps you to efordlesly build a link blog, content-sharing-based blog, that makes bookmarking and sharing external articles for your readers and subscribers feel better and look attractive.

Quote uses template 2.0 framework with various Template Designer options, including an option to help you change the width of your blog. It also features custom Mobile Template for better mobile user experience besides supporting responsive layout.

Primary Features:

  • Adjustable width via Template Designer.
  • Various typography and colors options, make the template really yours
  • Handles multiple author well
  • Better frond-end look for shared sites with Title Links
  • Responsive layout
  • Custom Mobile Template. Scan the QRcode above with your smartphone
  • Random recent post
  • Customized-ready widgets: Popular posts, Newsletter, Flickr, Contact
  • Slidetoggle
  • Well designed comment section
  • Great typography and unique design
  • Selectable metadatas
  • Social icons
  • Extensive documentation
  • Coded by the Expert

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